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Skilled and dependable.

JSM has a long and successful history in completing airfield electrical and instrument systems across Canada and deep into the Arctic Circle. Our practical experience and insight to airside operations has earned us a reputation as a trusted and knowledgeable contractor in all elements of airfield electrical installations. From inset lighting, various approach configurations, all associated civil works and safe airside activity, we bring proven capabilities and innovative solutions to every execution.




In-Pavement Inset Lighting  |  Frangible Approach Towers  |  Elevated Edge Lighting  |  High Mast Lighting  | Airfield Guidance Signage  |  AFL Controls & Monitoring  |  PAPIS, ILS, VOR, ETC  |  Duct Banks & Manholes  |  Associated Civil Works  | P.O.L Compound Wiring  |  MV Power Distribution  |  Testing, Commissioning & Start-up


Sample airfield projects